Undergraduate Teaching and Research While Underway at Sea

Joe Zambon and Lauren Ball filtering water samples onboard R/V Neil Armstrong. Photo credit: John McCord (UNC Coastal Studies Institute)

Three times per week this spring, OOMG’s Drs. Ruoying He and Joe Zambon teach an undergraduate class, MEA 462 – Observational Methods and Data Analysis in Marine Physics. At the beginning of the semester, Joe announced two opportunities for at-sea research that were available for any eager undergraduates to participate in. Lauren Ball volunteered for the first opportunity, with over 2 weeks onboard R/V Neil Armstrong. During their time at sea, Joe and Lauren have contributed to NSF-funded research into the waters around Cape Hatteras, including the Gulf Stream. This experience has supplemented her classroom instruction with valuable hands-on experience and mentorship.

Update: Read parts 1 and 2 of Lauren Ball’s perspective on this research cruise.

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