OOMG members Dr. Joe Zambon (Research Assistant Professor), Shun Mao (Ph.D. Student) and the rest of the multi-institutional Processes Driving Exchange at Cape Hatteras (PEACH) team departed from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute dock at Woods Hole, MA early Saturday morning. Their trip to the continental shelf break off of […]

Station map for 1st cross-section in January 2018 PEACH cruise.

After the successful recovery and refurbishment of several bottom profilers, moorings, and surface buoys, the first transect of the PEACH (Processes Driving Exchange at Cape Hatteras; NSF Award: 1559476) cruise was undertaken this evening and into the early morning hours.  The transect spaced 7 stations along 60km of ocean from a few kilometers off of the NC Outer Banks to […]

Dr. Joe Zambon and over a dozen scientists and PIs making up the PEACH (Processes Driving Exchange at Cape Hatteras; NSF Award #1559476) project departed the frozen waters of Woods Hole, MA on Monday morning (8-January) for Cape Hatteras onboard the R/V Neil Armstrong.  The first day of travel was difficult with high seas and crashing […]

On Saturday, Dr. Joe Zambon arrived in New England to board the R/V Neil Armstrong for a journey down to offshore Cape Hatteras, NC.  The study is part of the PEACH, Processes Driving Exchange at Cape Hatteras, grant sponsored by NSF (Award: 1559476).  The next day will be spent mobilizing and […]

Onboard the R/V Neil Armstrong, OOMG’s Joe Zambon and NCSU Marine Science undergrad Lauren Ball have been assisting with the NSF-funded Processes investigating Exchange Around Cape Hatteras (NSF-PEACH) project. A crucial component of the ongoing cruise is to utilize real-time in situ, satellite, and model data to assist Chief Scientist […]

Valerie Winzenried, a retired gifted-education teacher and an education consultant for Eastman, boarded the R/V Neil Armstrong last week. During her time at sea, she has been participating in hands-on research and data analysis along with onboard scientists. In addition, she has been interviewing researchers in order to construct lesson […]

Last Saturday (22-April) marked the halfway point of the NSF-PEACH R/V Neil Armstrong cruise with OOMG’s Joe Zambon and NCSU Marine Science undergrad Lauren Ball. While underway at sea, both researchers have participated in research exploring the waters along the continental shelf from Cape Cod, MA to Cape Hatteras, NC. […]

Throughout the NSF-PEACH research cruise, OOMG’s Joe Zambon has been providing data to PIs and Chief Scientist Magdalena Andres for cruise planning. Several study sites were pre-determined months in advance, but this data has been instrumental in determining supplementary surveys of the Gulf Stream. In addition, short-duration features such as […]

The cruise progresses, and the scientists have used calm weather days to work on instruments on moored buoys. Some deployed instruments are already returning data, showing the velocity of the Gulf Stream. Read details of the instruments being used at the UNC Coastal Studies Institute’s site here. Read the research […]

By Lauren Ball, a senior in the Dept. of Marine, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences at NC State University. Lauren is part of the science crew on the R/V Neil Armstrong, collecting data off of Cape Hatteras, NC. One thing I was not expecting about this research cruise was the lack […]