Jeff Willison Delivers Lecture at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences

Jeffrey Willision, PhD

Ocean Observing and Modeling Group postdoctoral research associate Jeff Willison delivered a lecture to the Southeast Climate Communicators Network (SCCN) at a workshop hosted at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences.

Willison’s lecture covered the nuances of climate modeling and explained how climate scientists try to determine which physical processes are important for understanding how the Earth’s climate will change under the influence of increasing concentrations of greenhouse gasses.

SCCN is comprised of professionals such as teachers, zookeepers and museum docents. Workshops such as this one allow SCCN members to educate themselves so they can effectively teach the general public about how we know what we know about climate. SCCN members hail from Virginia and the Carolinas.

The North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences is the most popular museum in the Southeast with over one million visitors per year.


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