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Gulf of Mexico Session at Ocean Sciences Meeting

The 2022 Ocean Sciences Meeting will feature a session on  Understanding and Predicting the Gulf of Mexico Ocean Dynamics. OOMG researchers joined other collaborators to suggest this session topic, and hope to see you there as an attendee or presenter. Meeting organizers will accept abstracts until 15 September 2021.

Scientific Session Details:

Code: 647
Topic: Physical Oceanography: Mesoscale and Larger

Description: For the past several years, a number of research programs have funded significant efforts to advance understanding of and forecasting capabilities for the Gulf of Mexico circulation, including the Loop Current, its associated eddies, and abyssal dynamics. One such programs is the National Academies’ Understanding Gulf Ocean Systems initiative, which focuses on improving forecasts of the physical dynamics of the open Gulf of Mexico in space and time scales useful for the reduction of risks to offshore energy exploration and production, as well as for other challenges such as forecasting hurricane intensification and managing fisheries. What has been learned, how can this scientific progress be incorporated into operational models, and what are the remaining gaps in knowledge impeding predictive skill? This session’s goals are to discuss the most recent understanding of dynamical processes governing the Gulf of Mexico ocean dynamics, advances in prediction, as well as the application of those advances towards societal benefit for Gulf Coast communities.

For more details, see the 2022 Ocean Sciences Meeting website