OOMG Teaches Weddington Middle Schoolers About Oceanography

Laura McGee presentingn ocean modelingApproximately 250 eighth grade students from Weddington Middle School (near Charlotte, NC) began their three-day field trip to NC’s Outer Banks with a marine science presentation by OOMG scientists at NC State University’s James B. Hunt, Jr. Library. On March 29, graduate student Laura McGee, Lab Manager Jennifer Warrillow, and Research Assistant Professor Joe Zambon introduced the students to their research in marine environmental modeling and autonomous underwater vehicles (ocean gliders), then took them on a virtual journey aboard Deep Submergence Vehicle (DSV) Alvin. Research Associate Professor Carrie Thomas, also from NCSU’s Department of Marine, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences, presented some of her Antarctic research to the group. Nancy Zimmerman, lead chaperone and school teacher, stated, “This information fits perfectly with the ocean sciences unit we’re just beginning to study. It was a great introduction. To have the chance to hear all of your experiences was incredible. The teachers were learning, as well, and we look forward to using your material to assist our instruction.  We are very grateful for your expertise and your willingness to share with us.”Jennifer Warrillow presenting ocean gliders

Thanks to NC SeaGrant for facilitating this visit and outreach event.
Joe Zambon presenting Alvin middle schoolers watching OOMG's presentations

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