OOMG Attends MABPOM Conference

Members of OOMG attended the Middle Atlantic Bight Physical Oceanography and Meteorology (MABPOM) conference at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in October 2018. This annual meeting discusses science of the U. S. east coast from the Gulf of Maine to the continental shelf south of Cape Hatteras, NC.

OOMG members contributed to the conference this year with four presentations:

  • Impact of Hurricane Florence on the coastal circulation dynamics: preliminary analyses, by Ruoying He
  • Investigation of shelf-ocean exchange pathways near Cape Hatteras, NC based on realistic ocean model simulations, by Shun Mao
  • From top to bottom an investigation of wintertime atmosphere-ocean interaction in the vicinity of the Gulf Stream in January 2018, by Joseph B. Zambon
  • Investigation of marine physical-biogeochemical interactions during storm conditions, by Laura McGee

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