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OOMG at Ocean Sciences Meeting 2022

Members of OOMG will present talks and posters at the 2022 Ocean Sciences Meeting, being held online only this year due to the ongoing COVID pandemic.

OOMG presenters and their presentations:

  • Dr. Ruoying He: A High-Resolution Ocean Reanalysis of the Northwest Atlantic in Support of the Blue Economy, oral presentation, Feb. 28
  • Dr. M. Nabi Allahdadi: Modulation of Ocean Waves by the Gulf Stream and its Implication for Wave Energy Resource Assessment, Feb. 28
  • Dr. Nazanin Chaichitehrani: Investigation of the Eddy Kinetic Energy Variability Associated With Major Loop Current Eddy Sheddings in the Gulf of Mexico, Feb. 28
  • Dr. Anna Lowe: Ocean Reanalysis Data-Driven Machine Learning Prediction for the Loop Current Eddy Evolutions in the Gulf of Mexico, oral presentation, Feb. 28
  • Shun Mao: Data-Assimilative Modeling Investigation of Gulf Stream Variability, oral presentation, Feb. 28
  • Tianning Wu: Diagnosing Oceanic Controls on the United States East Coast Sea Level Variability using a High-Resolution Regional Ocean Reanalysis, oral presentation, Feb. 28

Additionally, Dr. He will serve as Lead or Co-Organizer for sessions PL12 Understanding and Predicting the Gulf of Mexico Ocean Dynamics, OD04 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Ocean Data, Modeling and Applications, and PLP05 Physical Oceanography: Mesoscale and Larger Posters, as well as appearing as a co-author on numerous posters and presentations.

We look forward to seeing you online at the Meeting!