Gulf of Mexico Drifter Tracker

This display animates the NCSU SABGOM model-simulated trajectories of surface floats released within the South Atlantic Bight and the Gulf of Mexico on the day of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill (April 20, 2010) and where they would drift for the following six months.

To see the trajectory of a surface float, click a starting location within the light shaded area in the Gulf of Mexico or the South Atlantic Bight. The drifter track will automatically animate along a precomputed path (indicated by a black line).

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Project team: Ruoying He, Zhigang Yao and Zuo Xue (North Carolina State University); Jean Ann Bowman and Piers Chapman (Texas A&M University); and Oliver Fringer (Stanford University).

display design: Gene Cooper (Four Chambers Studio)

Funded by the Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative (GoMRI).

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