KErry Emanuel at OOMG

Dr. Kerry Emanuel visits OOMG

Dr. Kerry Emanuel (center), the Cecil and Ida Green Professor of Atmospheric Science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, visited OOMG on April 17, 2015. He was the invited speaker of “The Nature of Science: A Town Hall by Greg Fishel” program at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences, and gave a presentation on North Carolina Hurricanes: Past, Present and Future on April 16. Visiting NCSU’s Department of MEAS on the 17th, he also gave a departmental seminar on Radiative-Convective Equilibrium and Its Instability: Implications for Weather and Climate.

from left to right: Xiangming Zeng, Jennifer Warrillow, Joseph Zambon, Austin Todd, Kerry Emanuel, Chuanjun Du, Ping Zhai, Zhiren Wang, Yanlin Gong, and Ruoying He

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