Project Details

Hurricane Process Study: Numerical Model Investigation of Coastal Erosion and Accretion as a Result of Major Storm Events

Sponsor:  United States Geological Survey

United States Geological Survey


United States Geological Survey: John Warner

Funding Period

March 2014 – March 2016


Our central hypothesis is that Hurricane Sandy (2012) created an overall erosive beach response whereas Hurricane Irene (2011) created beach building because of differences in the speed, duration, wave and current characteristics associated with these two hurricanes. To test this hypothesis, we will take a step-wise approach to conduct numerical simulations and analyses using ROMS, WRF, and SWAN models, and the COAWST coupled system to provide the best possible forcing mechanism to drive the sediment transport model. The resulting modeling product will be used to show areas of sediment deposition and erosion that could be used to compare and contrast the two hurricane events. With this data, we hope to determine why, with two similar hurricanes, there were such drastic differences in the transport of sediment.