Project Details

U.S. East Coast Wave Energy Resource Assessment

Sponsor: Sandia National Laboratories

Sandia National Laboratory


Sandia National Laboratories: Vincent Neary
NC State University: Ruoying He, M. Nabi Allahdadi

Funding Period

December 2016 – March 2018


Technical and business decision making by the wave energy converter (WEC) industry is currently hindered by a lack of wave resource data. It needs wave energy resource maps to identify the best project sites (hot spots); data sets consisting of a multitude of parameters, e.g., those recommended by the IEC Technical Specification, IEC 62600-101 TS (Folley et al. 2012), and information on wave climate and energy resources to characterize opportunities and risks at these project sites; and a wave energy resource/power classification scheme, similar to the wind industry, to codify these opportunities and risks, and to standardize their designs. NCSU will provide technical support to develop a high-resolution spectral wave model for the east coast region (hereafter referred to as the east coast regional model, ECoRM) and to generate 30-year hindcasts to allow calculation of statistics used for wave energy resource classification.


Presentation: “High-Resolution Wave Modeling for Characterizing Wave Energy Resources Along the U.S. East Coast,” by M. N. Allahdadi at the Ocean Sciences Meeting in 2018.